Ten Bizarre Items You Can Buy from The Internet

10. Donald Trump TP roll: We don’t want to get too political here, but this toilet paper is described to be for people on both sides of the political spectrum. If you want to spend around $10 on a single roll of toilet paper with the former president’s face on it, be our guest.

9. Mobile Phone Jail: Phone-addicts beware: you need a key to open up the lock on this cell phone holding cell. We guess it’s a great tool for parents who don’t like their kids on the phone every damn time.

8. Live Ladybugs: For only $7.25, you can be the proud owner of 1500 live ladybugs. The item description says that they are great for birthday parties, which confuses me. However, you could potentially cause a ladybug infestation in your house or yard or the party place.

7. Uranium Ore: While this small amount of uranium ore is pretty low on the radioactivity meter, it's pretty weird that you can buy it from the same site where you get your gym socks.

6. Real Human Bones and Skeletons: Now, the seller doesn't just steal bodies and sell them on the Internet as you might assume. It's the world's leading seller of osteological specimens and obtains all of them legally and ethically. They may be a little expensive, but it may be a great gift for medical experts.

5. Glitter: The Original Glitter Bomb was a joke site that went viral in early 2015. The original creator set it up, not expecting to attract thousands of orders who wanted to ship anonymous boxes of glitter bombs to people they hate. Specifically designed to make glitter go everywhere after opening the box and your enemy is virtually guaranteed to have the stuff stuck in hard to clean places for weeks.

4. Turkey Hat: While most people don't typically dress up for Thanksgiving, this charming turkey hat seems worth making an exception for. It’s also a perfect gift for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. lovers who would remember it being used in the TV-series.

3. Message on Potato: This is pretty funny, honestly. For the price of $8.99 (plus shipping), you can send someone a potato with your custom message on it. The message is supposedly written in “premium black gel ink,” according to the product description.

2. Poop: Yes, you’ve heard it right. Similar to Glitter Bomb, Poop Senders has the same idea, except, you know, with real excrement rather than glitter. You can send a package anonymously to anyone, and there's even a "raunchy version" if you're serious about making a statement.

1. Nothing: What do you get for the person who has everything? Nothing—literally. But unlike traditional nothing, this one will cost you almost $7.