8 Spanish TV Shows on Netflix for Binge-Watching

Getting hooked on binge-worthy TV shows is a great way to relax on your couch, right? But then suddenly you find yourself in a situation that you have nothing to stream. Don’t panic, I’ve got some good news for you! There’s a whole other side of Netflix that you can continue your bingeing. Netflix’s library of Spanish shows is so good. It’ll (hopefully) give you a chance to understand there’s a whole new and different world outside of Narcos. You can choose from hilarious comedies to super intense dramas. Also, you won’t feel guilty for sitting all day in front of a screen and potato couching, since it helps you sharpen some Spanish skills. Here are 8 popular Spanish TV shows for starters.

1. Valeria

Even the most action-loving viewers need a lighthearted watch every once in a while, and Valeria is exactly that. As I like to put it, this series is like if Sex and the City, Girls, and Bridget Jones had a baby...in Madrid, Spain. You'll love getting to know the titular character, Valeria, an aspiring novelist who finds her life derailed by an unexpected love triangle. And of course, there to support her are her very own Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, although in this case, the squad is Carmen, Lola, and Nerea — each just as lovable in their own right.

2. Elite

Just in case the darkly alluring story of a spoiled rich girl in the middle of a love triangle at an exclusive private school in Spain isn't enough for you, there's also a mysterious unsolved murder — and plenty of clutch-your-pearls sex scenes. If you do join the more than 20 million households around the world that became instant fans of Netflix's glossy teen drama, your sole regret will be that there are only short seasons. But thankfully, there are already 3 seasons and a fourth one is coming, too.

3. Casa de Papel

A mysterious man known as "The Professor" helps train a dozen young, money-hungry criminals to pull off the largest bank heist in history. Hooked yet? I was, especially when the series somehow managed to keep me on the edge of my seat with a show set almost entirely in one location (first 2 seasons), the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. But don't worry, Casa de Papel isn't all action, no fun: There are quite a few love stories here, and fans of Élite will notice a few familiar faces in this cast.

4. Vis a Vis

If you like Orange Is the New Black, you’ll LOVE Vis a Vis. Here’s the gist: Girl falls in love with her boss, boss asks the girl to manipulate their accounting, girl gets sent to jail for tax crimes. The series follows her journey to prison—and the other female inmates she meets. 

5. Club de Cuervos

If you're in the mood for a dramedy that brings as many laughs as it does feel, Club de Cuervos will do the trick. Chava and Isabel are two siblings who inherit their father's soccer team after he unexpectedly dies, and their battle toward who gets to be the boss is full of the kind of drama that will keep novela-lovers on the edge of their seat every episode.

6. Siempre Bruja

One of Netflix's most recent original Spanish-language series was Siempre Bruja, which had a lot of promise as the tale of a 17th-century Afro-Latina witch in Colombia who time travels to modern times. But the show immediately received major criticism for playing into some problematic stereotypes and a slave/master love story plotline. But if you want to give the show a shot yourself, you can stream the first season.

7. Paquitas Salas

A show so unexpectedly popular that Netflix bought it after the first season. The show is about a talent agency that is losing clients left, right, and center. When their last, most important client terminates the relationship, the main character and her eclectic team is are forced to re-invent themselves and go on the search for talented individuals that could save their firm. If you love your comedy – and want it in Spanish – this show is for you.

8. 3%

Well, this show is actually in Portuguese, but it’s possible to switch the language to Spanish, so it sort of counts, right? Set in the distant future in a reality in which society is split between an affluent colony and impoverished mainland Brazil. Each year, all 20-year olds are subjected to a test that determines their entire future. Pass, and you get to join the colony. Fail, and you remain in poverty. With only 3% of applicants succeeding, competition is tough, and survival uncertain.

Hopefully, you’ll love our choices. Tell us which you like the most in the comments below. Share our list with your friends and family and don’t forget to download our app.