10 Facts About Adam and Eve and Apple

10. After eating the apple from the forbidden tree, there was no return.

Adam and Eve had come to the devil's trick and ate the fruit of the forbidden tree. There was no turning back anymore because they had broken the only rule God had set. God expelled them from the garden of Eden and sent them naked beyond the garden into the real world.

9.Apple and the Truth of Death

Before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple, they had eternal life, but from the first bite time began to work against them. They didn't die right then and there, but the death process began physically in their bodies.

8. Was the fruit of the forbidden tree really an apple?

In the story of Adam and Eve, Eve plucked the "fruit" of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We don't know if this fruit is an apple or not. But the reason why we call it apple is that the Latin word "malum" means evil, and coincidentally it also means apple. First uses of the word we come across it in the 4th century A.D. From this point on, we see the abundant use of apples in both literature and painting.

7. Was it really a snake that persuaded them to eat the apple?

We know that the one who persuaded to pick the apple and eat it was always the devil in the form of a snake. But the original snake had arms and legs and could speak. God was so angry with him that he stripped him from all his limbs and took the ability to speak.

6. God himself built the Garden of Eden.

We can guess that this is completely true. Because he is the noble owner of the earth and heavens. But the real truth is that God planted every tree and, every flower in the garden. It is not just plating but arranging it in a personal way. He also planted the tree where the apple was grown.

5. There are many versions of the story of Adam and Eve.

The story of Adam and Eve eating the famous apple and being expelled from the Garden of Eden has different versions in many cultures. They all have similar points of course, yet they all tell the story in a unique way.

4. Was it the decision of all mankind to eat the forbidden apple?

According to the story, Adam carried the souls of all those who would come after him - about 8 billion today. This means that all the spirits it carries have an influence on the decision to eat the forbidden fruit.

3. Adam lived for hundreds of years, but what about Eve?

Adam and Eve, who were sent to the world after eating the apple, lived for hundreds of years. While many religious and historical documents show that Adam lived between 930 and 1000 years, they do not give much information about Eve's age. However, if we assume that they were both born on the same day, we can say that they were on their way to heaven at the same time.

2. Did Adam and Eve knowingly and willingly ate the forbidden apple?

The Garden of Eden was the perfect place God personally created, but it lacked many things that would compel neither Adam nor Eve for humanity to progress. Perhaps they went against God and ate the apple for the advancement of humanity.

1. Are we still paying for eating the apple?

Many people still assume that we’re still paying to fix the fallout from the original sin. If we think a little more; Eating the apple represents the arrogance of mankind, that we think we are better than God, right? God did not create this world so that we may suffer, cover and forget our spiritual side and our saints with materialism and physical things. He created the perfect world for the first humans and set one rule.  But they blew it.