Asunción Cathedral is a popular tourist destination with its impressive architecture and decorations in capital of Paraguay

*The National Pantheon of Heroes, a symbolic monument in the city, was completed after about 70 years due to the Triple Alliance war between Paraguay and its neighbors.


*Asunción Cathedral is a popular tourist destination with its impressive architecture and decorations.


*The Barro Museum, where interesting masks, mud sculptures, pottery and pots are exhibited, contains interesting details about the cultural texture of the country.


*Asunción is the home of important football clubs like "Cerro Porteño," "Libertad," and "Nacional".


*Here you can try the famous South America hot beverage called Maté.


*Mbeju is a starchy cake made from Paraguay's manioc flour and cheese.


*"Vori Vori" is a traditional soup garnished with cornmeal balls.

The Orkhon Valley, situated 370 km from the capital, was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004

*Ulaanbaatar means “Red Hero” in Mongolian.


*The Orkhon Valley, situated 370 km from the capital, was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004.


*The giant Genghis Khan Statue is located to the east of the city.


*The “Orkhon Inscriptions,” which use the old Turkic alphabet of the Göktürks, are found here.


*Khuushuur, the dumplings which are popular in Mongolian cuisine, contain plenty of meat.


*Kımız, one of the traditional drinks of the Turks, is also consumed in Mongolian lands.


Dried meat and soup are among the tastes that should be tried.


*The Mongolia International Museum, and the Zanazabar Museum of Fine Arts are popular places to visit.


*The city's residents suffer with the high air pollution.

Cleveland, Ohio's second largest city and LeBron James' main team.

*The city of Cleveland, Ohio, is located on the shore of Lake Erie in the United States.


*Cleveland, Ohio's second largest city, was founded in 1796 and was named after General Moses Cleaveland, who founded the city.


*It became a major port and production center due to its location on the lakeshore and its connections to other parts of the USA by various canals and railways.


*Artists, producers and other prominent figures who influenced the history and development of rock music are documented at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland.


*Known for having important works of Asian and Egyptian art, the Cleveland Art Museum hosts art from all over the world.


*The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team won their first ever NBA championship in 2016.


*Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and rapper Kid Cudi were both born in Cleveland. 

Nuuk is the tiny capital of Greenland

*Nuuk is the tiny capital of Greenland. It is the island's largest settlement, with a population of around 20,000 people.


*Founded in 1728 under the name Godthåb, the name of the city meant "good hope" in Danish. Nuuk means 'headland' in Greenlandic.


*It is known that there were Inuit settlements in the area when the city was founded.


*Nuuk Center, the first shopping mall in Greenland, is also the territory's tallest and largest building.


*Although the world's northernmost capital is often thought to be Reykjavík in Iceland, Nuuk is actually a few kilometers further north.


*The city is home to the University of Greenland or Ilisimatusarfik in the local dialect.

Riga is the most significant city in Latvia in many fields such as culture, politics, education and finance.

*Riga is the most significant city in Latvia in many fields such as culture, politics, education and finance.


*An architecturally fascinating city, Riga is famous for its Art Nouveau buildings.


*The historic center of the city, called Vecrīga, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


*Riga Cathedral, the residence of the Archbishop of Riga and also known as the Dome Cathedral, is the largest medieval church in the Baltic countries.


*The Statue of Liberty, one of the city's symbols, is a monument erected in 1935 in memory of the soldiers who died in the Latvian War of Independence.


*Riga has hosted important events such as the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, a 2006 NATO Summit, the 2006 IIHF Men's World Ice Hockey Championship and the 2013 World Women's Curling Championship.

San José is Costa Rica's political, economic and transportation center

*San José is Costa Rica's political, economic and transportation center.


*Founded in 1736, the city rose to prominence with tobacco production during the Spanish colonial period and then with coffee production since the 19th century.


*San José is one of Latin and Central America's safest and most visited cities, and residents enjoy very high standards of living.


*The National Theater of Costa Rica in San José is a captivating structure built in the 19th century.


*Museo del Jade, an archaeological museum in San José, houses the world's largest collection of the green mineral called jade.


*The Metropolitan Cathedral of San José, built in the neoclassical style, was destroyed and rebuilt due to a 19th century earthquake.


*You can discover many examples of colonial architecture in the city.

Ashgabat is the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan

*Ashgabat is the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan. Its literal meaning is "city of love".


*The Turkmen city, which is on the Caspian Sea, has rich natural gas and oil resources.


*The city, which was destroyed by an earthquake of 9 magnitude in 1948, was rebuilt.


*Baht Mansion is a marriage and wedding ceremonies complex built in 2011 by the Turkish construction company Polimeks. The first five floors are the Turcoman Star, and the remaining five floors are placed on this star, in a spherical structure, 32 meters in diameter. The surfaces of this glass sphere, which was designed to represent the world, feature remarkable maps of Turkmenistan made from titanium.


*Darvaza Crater, also known as the "Door to Hell" or "Gate to Hell", which was formed as a result of an explosion and whose fire could not be extinguished for years, is one of the most extraordinary attractions of the city.


*The National History Museum, which offers information and documents related to Turkmen's struggle for independence and their transition from nomadism to settled life, is worth seeing.


*Allamberdar Mausoleum is one of the biggest mausoleums of Turkmenistan.


*The works of Kerim Gurbannepesov and Ata Kovshudov have been influential in the development of Turkmen literature.

Manila, capital of the Philippines

*Manila, originally Maynilad and capital of the Philippines, is the center of the country’s economic, political, social, and cultural activity.


*The city is located on the coast of Manila Bay and is divided into northern and southern sections by the Pasig River.


*Its multicultural nature reflect is reflected by American, Spanish, Chinese, and Malay influenced architecture.


*Textile production is the major manufacturing industry of Manila.


*One of the first stops in Manila is Rizal Park.


*Bicol express, a popular Filipino dish believed to have originated in Manila, is pork flavored with coconut-based sauce, shrimp paste, and spices.


*The Money Museum is one of the main tourist attraction in the city.


*Intramuros, the oldest section of the Manila was once a walled city during Spanish Colonial times in the 1500s to the 1800s.

Capital of Kosovo

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, which left Serbia and declared its unilateral independence on 17 February 2008.


*The National Library of Kosovo is a building designed by Croatian architect Andrija Mutnjaković.


*The world-famous singer Rita Ora was born in Pristina.


*The Imperial Mosque, also known as Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque, was built on the orders of Mehmed the Conqueror around 1461. The building, which was converted into a Catholic church during the Austro-Hungarian period, serves as a mosque today.


* Gračanica, a village located in the south of Pristina, is Kosovo’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site.


*The capital city is connected to other Balkan capitals such as Belgrade, Skopje, and Tirana by road and rail.


*The gastronomy of the city is similar to Turkish cuisine.


*Parts of the city were damaged in the 1990s NATO bombing.